Circuit Board Asembly Feeders

Quad Tape Feeders

PPM has spent the last 10 years serving the industry with better and more accurate feeders. As technology is rapidly increasing, using tape feeders means companies are struggling to place smaller components. To meet the new standard PPM offers 2 new feeders with advancements to accurately place 0402's, 0201's and 01005's.

Feeder Price List

Feeder Pricing

PPM's feeder price list can be found online at our spare parts website.

PPM's New 8x2mm Feeder for 0201-0402

The standard 8mm fat feeder, by itself, cannot index a 2mm pitch on smaller components. PPM offers a new 8mm feeder with 2mm indexing and improved indexing and repeatability that reduces or eliminates mispicks.

Cut Tape Feeder

PPM has released a new Cut Tape Feeder for working with less than a reel of components. Manufactures are now able to pick from short sections of taped components.

0402 - Certified Tape Feeder

The 0402 - certified tape feeder is built and calibrated for higher precision with a new index sytems that has superior gears, encoders and worm gear.

ThinPRO Tape Feeder

ThinPRO tape feeder is the only Quad feeder that will index 2mm as well as 4mm component spacing. If you need to place 0201's or 01005's this is the feeder you will need.