Quad 2C Pick and Place

Quad "C" Series SMT Placement Systems

Designed for speed and flexibility, the Quad 2C, features a placement rate range of 3,400 cph depending on board and component type. It handles components from 0402 to PLCC 84 and up and plastic lead chip carriers (PLCCs) measuring 1.00". Components are centered "on the fly" using the QuadAlignT Centering System. The 2C can be configured for a variety of surface mount production tasks. Up to six heads can be controlled by a single PC as an integrated surface mount production system.

Quad 2C SMT Placement System Features:

  • Placement rates of up to 3,600 cph
  • Handles complex boards - with components from 0402s to 1.00" square
  • The QuadAlign system provides automatic correcting for X, Y and theta positioning before placement .
  • Detachable feeder bases and carts for rapid changeover
  • X-Y linear glass scale encoders provide exact placement coordinates with consistent 60 micron repeatability.
  • Optional Intelligent Feeder System for setup verification
  • 0.060mm ultra-fine pitch capable

Quad 2C Pick and Place System

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