MPM AP HiE Screen Printer

MPM AP HiE Screen Printer

The AP HiE Series printers are versatile computer-controlled automatic screen printers. These printers feature mechanical, electrical, and software design enhancements that significantly reduce cycle time. The AP HiE series can be used as a stand-alone screen printer or it can be interfaced to other components in an SMT production line. They require minimal adjustment to interface to existing in-line SMT production lines.

The AP HiE series printers use powerful, fully integrated software to provide totoally automatic printing control. This machine provides interactive teach software for building board parameter files. Up to 400 board parameter files can be built and stored in the computer's hard drive. This provides highly repeatable and fast setup times for quick responses to varying production run requirements.


MPM AP HiE Screen Printer Screen Printer Features:

  • Print Area 2" x 2" to 18" x 16" (457 x 406mm)
  • Max Frame Size: 24" x 24" (609 x 609mm)
  • Alignment Accuracy: +/- 0.001" at 6 sigma, and cycle time of < 8 seconds
  • User-friendly software maximizes uptime
  • Balanced Control Print head provides true closed-loop print pressure for repeatable, precise printing
  • Advanced Vision System with fiducial correction quickly process fiducials "On-the-Move" for efficient image capture