PPM QSV-W Large Area PCB Pick & Place

PPM QSV-W Large Area PCB Pick & Place

Electronic manufacturing service providers that want to grow their business and OEMs requiring high quality large board assembly now have a solution in the PPM QSV-W fully-automatic Large Board SMT assembler.

Manufacturers no longer have to rely on manual handling or expensive custom work cells to perform large board assembly. The QSV-W assembles a wide range of SMT components onto the very largest boards.

  • Supports board sizes up to 913mm x 1524mm (36.6"x 60")
  • Patented Line Scan CCD Align system in-process component alignment
  • Windows 7 or 10 compatible
  • Easy-to-use PPPro Pick and Place operating system


PPM introduces the QSV-W fully-automatic SMT assembler, delivering the largest board handling capability in the industry. The QSV-W is optimized for your large-board applications, performing superbly in low to medium mix applications with moderate numbers of components. The QSV-W offers many of the same advanced technologies found in our complete line of placement and dispensing systems.

The QSV-W includes patented Line Scan CCD Align system in-process component alignment, PPPro operating system and a dual spindle placement head. Additional standard features include downward vision system, integrated PC, nozzle changer and status light tower.