MPM SPM Screen Printer

MPM SPM Screen Printer

The SPM is a very accurate screen printer built for precision batch printing and prototype work. The standard magnetic tooling and PC-based control system allow for quick changeover and maximum flexibility. Also available are several options that will turn the base SPM into an ultra-fine pitch printer with print sizes down to 12 mil pitch, or better.

The SPM has the flexibility to meet almost any printing need. Multiple vision systems are available as options, in addition to an automatic stencil wiper and pneumatic paste dispenser to give your engineers and operators complete process control. Plus, various tooling and vacuum options can be added so the SPM is ready for any of your printing needs, whether they are surface mount, screen printing inks, green tape, adhesive printing or wafer bumping and encapsulation


MPM SPM Screen Printer Features:

  • Max Frame Size: 29" x 29" (737 x 737mm)
  • Print Area up to 20" x 18" (508 x 457mm) with trailing edge squeegees or 20" x 19" (508 x 483mm) with single edge squeegees.
  • Control System: Setup parameters and control functions for more than 200,000 substrate files can be held in memory to allow for quicker changeover
  • Balanced Control Print head provides true closed-loop print pressure for repeatable, precise printing
  • Automatic Vision System with fiducial correction quickly process fiducials "On-the-Move" for efficient image capture
  • Off-Line Programming Software can be installed on your PC that allows you to program most of the board file parameters off-line