Heller 1500EXL Reflow Oven

Heller 1800EXL Reflow Oven

The 1800EXL supports high-speed, high volume throughput at speeds up to 40 inches (one meter) per minute while conserving valuable factory floor space. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading, with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen. The oven features an enlarged heating tunnel and baffle-free design for 25% higher airflow, for six-sigma consistency, zone-to-zone and oven-to-oven, enhanced temperature uniformity, repeatability and highload handling. The 1800 EXL is a streamline oven with even more advanced features including a five-thermocouple board profiling and process parameter logging capability with the capacity to store up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs.

specs (pdf)

Heller 1800EXL Reflow Oven Features:

  • Computer-controlled automatic lubrication system for "hands-off" maintenance
  • Easy-clean flux filtration system with disposable filter: can be removed and replaced while oven is running for "pit-stop" maintenance with no downtime and no change in oven PPM levels
  • Six-sigma reliability for the most demanding production environments
  • Flux filtration system removes up to 95% of flux from the atmosphere - processing boards in a flux-free environment
  • Rapid profiling changes plus fast warm-up and cool-down
  • Wide process window for "universal profiling"- allows many different boards to be run on single temperature profile

Heller 1800EXL Reflow Oven