Quad QSP-2 Pick and Place

Quad QSP-2 Pick and Place System

High Speed Multifunctional SMT Assembler

The Tyco Electronics QSP2 Plus is so versatile it offers you a whole new class of high-speed in-line solutions. You can configure it in your line as a single assembler, in tandem with a chip shooter, or as a more flexible chip shooter replacement. You are free to select the configuration that balances your high-speed line for optimum profit.

The QSP-2 Plus combines innovative technologies to provide the speed of a turret machine with the precision needed for fine pitch placement in one multifunctional assembler, two independent P4 placement heads, each featuring dual placement systems, allow the QSP-2 Plus to place four components at the same time. It's all under control of our patent-pending Quadalign in-process lead inspection and alignment system.

The result is truly astounding. Unlike other high-speed assemblers, the QSP2 Plus has the remarkable ability to place all size chips at high speed without slowing down. No other high-speed assembler can match its flexibility for in-line process and productivity.

PPM offers 100% support for the Quad QSP-2 with spare parts and technical support.

Quad QSP-2 Pick and Place System Features:

  • Dual gantry design provides placement rates up to 14,000 cph takt time
  • Handles board sizes from 3.2" x 3" to 15" x 18"
  • In-process QuadAlign touchless centering from 0402 through QFP208 and BGA(* Requires Optional ThinPRO Feeder)
  • Quad's innovative P4 (Pick-Pick, Place-Place) head technology
  • Exclusive QSOFT operating software with Windows ease of use
  • Detachable feeder bases and carts for rapid changeover
  • Noncontact linear encoders
  • Programmable transport
  • Optional Intelligent Feeder System for setup verification
  • 0.3mm ultra-fine pitch capable

Quad QSP-2 Pick and Place System

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