Quad MT-20 High speed Matrix Tray Handler

Quad MT-20 Automatic Waffle Tray Handier

The Automatic Waffle Tray Handier enables Quad Assemblers car comparable equipment to pick similar or different components from 20 different waffle trays located at one feeder position. This enhancement increases assembler capabilities for placing large quantities and varieties of fine pitch components with just one assembly head. It provides an additional method of component handling and changing waffle packs to increase feed capacity and reduce operator intervention during production and high-board mix assembly. This enhancement mounts to any side of the assembler without interfering with head movement in the work area. It operates equally well with assemblers equipped with work-holders or programmable transports to offer optimum flexibility to population routines.

MT-20 Features and Benefits

The Waffle Tray Handier accepts trays in vertically stacked "frames" which are individually adjustable for each waffle pack dimension (length, width and height). Tray filled frames move up and down according to specific assembler commands to automatically present waffle trays to the work envelope for component pick and placement during board population.

  • Increases quantity and variety of waffle-fed components
  • Serves up to 20 waffle trays with similar or different components to the same feeder position
  • Automatically selects trays during board population
  • Controlled through assembler pick and place program
  • Fully compatible with all assembler options, including Programmable Transport, Workholders, and Vision Systems
  • Portable design enables easy, economical assembler setup and changeover


36" (Arm 21", Body = 15")




Elevator Up

39" min

Elevator Down

58" max

Tray Presentation Height



20 Waffle Trays when total waffle pack and component height does not exceed 0.75 inches (19.05 mm). Taller components reduce elevator tray capacity by one (1) tray for each tray holding components with heights in excess of .75 inches.

Waffle Tray Size

Each waffle feed "frame" is adjustable to the following dimensions.


10" x 14" (254 mm x 355.6 mm)


3" x 4" (76.2 mm x 101.6 mm)

Cycle Rate

Approximately 5 seconds typical tray-to-tray change time for two carriers.


Loading and unloading is manual. Typical changeout time to remove carrier from elevator, remove empty tray, replace with full tray, and replace carrier into elevator is between one (1) and two (2) minutes, operator dependent.

Assembler/Waffle Tray Handler Communications

The Waffle Tray Handler communicates with any host system using a simple serial communications protocol. The standard configuration is RS-485, but it can be configured for RS-232, or RS-422. All Waffle Tray Handler operations may be controlled remotely, or from the local console.