Circuit Board Assembly Equipment Field Services

Our technical staff can travel to your facility, diagnose your problem and get your machine back up and running. Our technicians travel to your facility armed with an array of parts and circuit boards to aid in the diagnosis and repair your problem. The technicians spend 1 - 4 hours preparing parts and circuits boards to bring with them when they arrive at your location.

Service rates and expenses are as follows:

Technicians Rates:

  • $85 per hour for travel and prep time
  • $140 per hour for service hours
  • 4 Hour minimum

Expenses Can Include:

  • Daily per diem for each technician*
  • Airfare & Hotel**
  • Car rental**
  • Airport transportation**
  • Mileage**

Expenses Can Include:

  • Parts Expenses:

  • Price for parts installed
  • Shipping charges for parts
  • Handling Charges for parts***

*Daily per diem rates are $75, but may increase depending upon location.

**A %15 travel fee will be applied to those expenses

***Handling charges, if applicable are for replacement parts in which the technician tested in preparation for the service call