Technical Support

PPM offers technical support via phone, remote session (WebEx, Remote Desktop, etc...) to it's existing customers. If you have purchased parts, accessories, machines, etc.. from us and need technical help we ask that you just call in.

However non-customers can purchase this same support from PPM by the hour. We offer 4-hour blocks of phone support at $200 an hour. This alotted time can be split up over many phone calls (e.g; 15 minutes here, a half hour there, etc...)

When you purchase technical support time from us you have one of our technicians dedicated to you. They can advise you step-by-step on your machine. If you need spare parts they can help determine which parts you need and have them shipped out that day.


Field Services/Support

If you need a technician to come out to your facility please review our Field Services page.